Renewal Policy - Updates and Support Subscription

When you purchase a Wow Modules license, you are automatically subscribed to:

  • Free access to all updates for a period of one year from the date of purchase.
  • Free access to technical support for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

  • While your subscription is still running, adding a year to the subscription costs 50% of the initial product price;
  • If your subscription has expired, you can't renew it; you can only buy it again for the full 12-month subscription cost with a 20% discount for being an existing costumer.

  • If you want to renew your subscription, you don't have to wait until it ends;
  • When your subscription nears its end, we send you an email to remind you to renew it;
  • It is always advisable to renew before the subscription becomes inactive, otherwise you'll lose the 50% discount;
  • If your subscription expires in December and you buy a renewal early, say in September, the renewal adds twelve months to your subscription from the expiry date.

When your subscription expires, you have 2 options:

  • Renew your subscription for one year or more. Not only will you gain access to technical support via our support forum, but you will also be able to update your modules with the latest versions we release during your active subscription period;
  • Decide not to renew and carry on using our products as usual. Your modules will not stop working once your subscription expires. You are still licensed to use them, but you do not get support, new features, or fixes;
  • If you have a problem that requires a hot fix but do not have a current subscription, you won't be able to benefit from the fix.

  • When you buy a Wow Module you get two things: a license and a subscription;
  • The license entitles you to use the software. The subscription entitles you to software updates and support for a year;

  • The term subscription refers to our update service. A subscription entitles you to 3 months or 1 year of support and product updates;
  • When the 3 months/1year have passed, you are still licensed to use the module; however, in order to receive further updates you have to renew your subscription.

  • The expiry date is the last day that your subscription is valid;
  • Your module will not stop working once your subscription expires. You are still licensed to use the module.

  • When you first purchased your module you were given a 3-month/1year subscription to support and to download and use new releases and hotfixes;
  • When your subscription expires, you can still download new releases and hotfixes but they will not work with your license file. An error will tell you what the problem is.

Licensing Policy

Until you activate using the registration code (usually sent via email by our automated registration component) the product will work in trial mode.
There is no limitations on the Trial version.

This is first license we ever supported and the most easy to understand. It is also the most common. Basically, it licenses the product for one DNN Instance and unlimited domains for that given instance (for example,,,, etc).

A license allows to install and use the module on unlimited DNN installations within your enterprise. Enterprise is defined as your company site(s) and those of your customers that are directly managed by your organization. By “directly managed by your organization” we imply that your organization designed or developed your customers’ site and/or is responsible for ongoing maintenance.
There is NO limit on number of copies, instances, sites, etc.

Refund Policy

As you know, all our DNN modules have fully functional trial versions available. Please EVALUATE OUR PRODUCTS BEFORE PURCHASING a license.
If you can demonstrate to us that the product you have purchased from us does not work due to technical issues related to our development and that you have sought support for this and you have not received instructions, bug fixes or assistance on how to fix the issue, you have our apologies...

We have every incentive to keep you happy by providing quality products and service. To promote customer satisfaction, we reserve the right to refund only if the software product fails to function as advertised. The eligibility for a refund may depend on the type of license, product, payment method and duration since purchase.

  • We will provide refunds within 30 days of purchase of a Standard license.
  • We do not offer refunds for any type of license other than Standard.

Upgrade Policy

LYou buy a Wow Chart standard license
Later, you decide you want a Wow Chart enterprise license
You can upgrade to the enterprise license for the price difference in the original purchase

To upgrade, just email us at with your actual registration code. We’ll contact you with a custom coupon code towards your upgrade purchase!

Wow Modules are genius and brilliant extensions to your DNN site ...